"My wife and I are landowners in King Oaks with two properties in the cul-de-sac on Chamberlain Drive. The properties were both very densely vegetated when we bought them. We hired Vance Excavation (Trey Vance) to clear both properties of underbrush. The company did a great job of coming in, clearing, and hauling out the vegetation without any issues. I also used them construct a small pond and stockpile the dirt for foundation of my future home there. The pond turned out fantastic and holds water without any issues. I have also used them for dead tree removal and construction of a culvert to enter the property. If you have clearing, pond construction, or dead tree removal, I would recommend this company. They are dependable, prompt, and you can rely on them to do great work."
Bill and Paula Wise

"Dear Trey, I wanted to let you know how swell my new pond came out, and to say what a professional, knowledgeable and helpful young man you are - though, I only dealt with you for a short time during the creation of my pond. I feel confident that these characteristics are solid in your nature.

I sincerely wish you the best success in the future."

Carrell Canada

"I contacted several companies about clearing my property. After talking to Vance Excavation I knew I would use them. They inspected my property, provided me with a quote and timeline. Trey communicated very well, and would even send text message pictures of the progress. After inspecting the property I was extremely pleased with the work performed. The property was cleared, cleaned and dressed exactly how I wanted it. Overall Vance Excavation was professional, honest, and fulfilled their commitments. I will use them again in the future no questions asked. It is nice to find a company that provides outstanding work and customer service."

Chris Asselin

"I have purchased some property at King Oaks located in Grimes county, Texas and was looking for someone to do some clearing on my property when I contacted Vance Excavating. Trey Vance met me at the property and we discussed having my lot cleared but leaving the majority of the mature oak trees there.

Vance Excavating cleared approximately 2.5 acres of thick underbrush and did an excellent job. After this work was completed, Trey offered to show me some other lots within the area that Vance Excavation had done similar work to. Upon looking at the additional properties, I decided that I wanted Trey and his company to do additional work on my property.

Vance Excavation canopied the remaining oak tress that were left on property at about 12-14 feet from ground level. I was amazed at the difference that the property once this work as completed. The trees were trimmed around the base of each tree at the same time the caonpy work was done. A small pond was dug at the back of the property as well. I have been very pleased with the professionalism of Vance Excavating and the work they have done for me on my property and would recommend them highly. I plan on using Vance Excavation for future work required as well."

Chuck S.

I have worked with numerous excavation and dozer companies in the Brazos Valley. My recent experience with Trey Vance Excavation has been exceptional. He provided land clearing for our new home site and built a curved road which sits perfectly along the side of the hill on our property. He was attentive and responsive to my questions and kept me well-informed during the process of doing the work. As promised, he started and completed the project in a timely manner. I hope to use Vance Excavation to expand two ponds for us in the near future!

Cindy Conte
Rock Prairie Road

"Trey Vance was very reasonably priced. He went the extra mile to make sure I was satisfied with his work. I can completely trust him."

Daniel B.

"I have had Trey Vance do several projects for me and I have been very satisfied with his work. Trey is very conscientious about his work and communicates with me during the project more than most, if not all other, trades I have used in the past. That is a considerable trait –my vocation is building houses and I have experienced the full spectrum of trade bases both from Houston and College Station. Working with various trades involves follow up phone calls regarding the work of each. Trey has pre-empted my calls with a call to me to give an update or to pass along a concern. I can’t express the appreciation I have for his diligence, concern for the budget and quality of work at the site. Trey provides a comfort zone for me when I have him on the job site. I have the confidence that the work will be completed to my satisfaction. In working with Trey you will experience professionalism, quiet politeness and frequent communication during the process. I could not recommend him more highly."

Daniel Borsack

"I have worked with Vance Excavation for several projects. From clearing and building pads, driveways and major demolition/debris removal. Vance Excavation has always been attentive and diligent in executing their work. They get it done."

Easy Foster
Vice president
Southwest Designer Homes

"I, Kurt R. Ewald, would like to express my utmost recommendation of Vance Excavation and it's founder, "Trey" William R. Vance.

Over the past couple of years, Vance Excavation has worked on several projects for me - clearing land, building a pond, constructing a gravel road, and building up low areas in order to help prevent flooding. In regards to each of the aforementioned projects, his bids have been very competitive to say the least.

As a young business owner, Trey has impressed me with his professionalism, not only in the work that he accomplishes, but also his demeanor.

What I've learned about Trey is that he goes beyond the call of duty; on several occasions he has taken the time to assist me by recommending other professionals of good reputation.

It's been a privilege working with Mr. Vance; he's more than proven himself to be a businessman of honesty and integrity."

Kurt. R. Ewald

"I am a repeat customer and cannot say enough good things about Vance Excavation.  Our first job was the full take-down and removal of a home and ranch fencing as well as a horse stable.  It included removal of the telephone pole/dealing with septic.   Vance’s team was extremely professional, on time, within cost, and obviously I like his work so much I hired him a second time for massive fence clearing.  The second job involved a lot of trees, property lines, overgrown areas, and that was also done in a fantastic manner.  I’m ready to hire them again for yet another job for our ranch.   We try really hard to always hire local and were extremely pleased with the result."

Patrice F. Gay, Esquire
RH Gay Ranch

“The drought of 2011-12 was one of the worst Texas’ droughts in recorded history.  I lost ten 30-50 year old oak trees on my lot in King Oaks.  Trey Vance removed all of the trees and hauled away the stumps and limbs.  Then he grated over the property smoothing out the dirt.  His work was beyond what I expected.  His price was very fair compared to other bids.”

"In 2011 the drought caused dozens of trees on my ranch to die. In May of this year I realized I had ont only a serious fire spread problem but an unsightly looking piece of property. I called a few arborists to discuss getting in there and cutting down the dead ones. They were much  more expensive than I figured for. And, they would do nothing with the stumps. Then I called a few dozer operators to discuss clearing the 30 acres. Of the ones I spoke to I was most impressed with Trey Vance of Vance Excavation. He came in and gave me his thoughts about how best to eliminate, including the root balls, the dead ones while leaing the live ones. I gave him full discretion to surgically remove the dead and dying trees and do what he thought was best to clean it up and leave no trace. I couldn't be happier. The fire spread potential is gone and it looks wonderful. They did excellent work for a fair price. I highly recommend Vance Excavation for your land clearing needs.

Tim Gallagher
Class of ’70

"Prospective Clients,

Our homeowners' association hired Vance Excavation to perform a restoration of our three-quarter acre retention pond that had fallen into significant disrepair. Being an HOA, the process leading up to the excvavation was slow, but Mr. Vance was patient during the entire process and easy to communicate with as we prepared for the work to start.

Once the work began, Mr. Vance was prompt and concise. He completed the work in a timely manner with no surprises along the way. He listened to all of the overly specific needs we had and went out of his way to ensure that each need was fully completed to our satisfaction. In a couple of cases, he went above and beyond in an effort to ensure we were happy with the final product. The final product is exactly what we expected out of this project.

I would highly recommend Vance Construction. Mr. Vance is knowledgeable about site work and has the means and skills to ensure that the project needs will be met. He is easy to work with and communicates well. Vance Excavation also has a good network for any work that might fall outside of his normal scope of business as well."

Travis Scott
Spring Meadows Home Owners Association